October 28th 2021 | London



We are a professional association and union for the UK's senior public servants and professionals. We act as a powerful voice for public services and the people who deliver them.

Our growing and influential membership of more than 19,000 senior managers, government policy advisors, diplomats, tax professionals, economists, solicitors, prosecutors and other professionals work across government and the NHS.

As a professional association, we promote and protect our members' interests. We influence policy on their behalf, and provide networking opportunities and forums for considering matters of common interest.

We also help members develop their professionalism and skills. We have programmes to help members achieve their potential in the Professional Skills for Government programme and help them to further their careers.


Dods Group

Dods is a political information, publishing, events and communications business operating in both the UK and Europe.  We are event partners to the FDA working with them to deliver a series of leadership events for the civil service and wider public sector.